Are you an employer?

JobPoint Royal is a young organization with employees for almost every sector.

Due to the scalability of our organization, we can constantly provide the right employee. Our employees come from the Netherlands, Poland, Greece, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Lithuania and Latvia.

JobPoint Royal is the only party that works without intermediaries. All our employees are selected and screened by ourselves in the home country, upon arrival in the Netherlands this screening is further expanded, depending on the type of work. zonder

Detachment & Secondment

You can contact us for both temporary employment and secondment. We understand that you, as an employer, are looking for a reliable partner. At JobPoint Royal you can be completely confident that hiring personnel is carefree. We are fully certified and we do everything we can to maintain the highest possible quality at all times.


Outsourcing your work to JobPoint Royal is of course also possible. You can outsource your work through hiring, this ensures that you no longer have any worries in the field of personnel and that your costs are more manageable. The outsourcing can take place on the basis of price per piece or work.

Contact details

JobPoint Royal

Pleinweg 20a
3083 EC Rotterdam

T: 085 060 2341

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00

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