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Jobpoint Royal is an employment agency that specializes in mainly Eastern European Expats in various sectors.
We are located in the well-known Rotterdam, a city of great historical value with one of the largest International Port in the world. Rotterdam is also the location of a large number of companies.

3 brothers

About 15 years ago, during their work, 3 brothers met many expats who encountered all kinds of problems. There was a great need for the correct placement of work, good communication and interaction between employer and employee. At the same time, other issues, such as housing, also arose from these matters. They were always very concerned with the environment and therefore tried to solve these problems.
It was soon concluded that it should be much easier and more efficient for these target groups and their needs.
Zo creeerden de 3 broers de Uitzendbureau die zowel werkgever als werknemer met elkaar zouden matchen. Jobpoint Royal werd een feit.


JobPoint Royal has played a leading role in the placement of Eastern European temporary workers for more than 15 years. We assist companies to achieve their goals by deploying the best people and the most innovative custom solutions.
Because of the affinity in various industries, we know better than anyone how to recognize and optimize workflows within our organization.

Partly due to our large network with Eastern European Partners, Employment Agencies and HR service providers and a large database of 10,000 job seekers, Jobpoint Royal is able to place someone within 24 hours.

The experience in the workplace has enabled Jobpoint Royal to master 4 Eastern European languages. As a result, all communication barriers are eliminated, making contact between the employer and employee low-threshold, which results in satisfaction.

Jobpoint knows it; the right match

As an expat, it is not easy to find your way here in the Netherlands. Let alone find the right job and therefore an employer. The opposite also applies. We are happy to shorten this intermediate connection.


We are also active outside the Netherlands; this is growing daily due to our large international network. Real ambition knows no boundaries. We also have an office in (abroad).

We like to think in terms of possibilities, not limitations.

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JobPoint Royal

Pleinweg 20a
3083 EG Rotterdam

T: 085 060 2341
E: info@jobpointroyal.nl

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00

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